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a.k.a Ama-Koji – Creamy Fermented Rice (Frozen)
Savour the umami of Amazake by having it as a drink! Simply add 2 parts hot or cold liquid~ to 1 part Amazake (2:1). Stir, mix and enjoy!

You can also use it as a spread / condiment or as seasoning / sweetener. See picture 3 for details.

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Ingredients: Rice Koji, White Rice, Water
4 portions (50g for each portion as a drink)
Net Wt. 200g

~ Best served with unsweetened oat milk, unsweetened almond milk with cinnamon or unsweetened soy milk with matcha powder. Enjoy a traditional Japanese way with water & a pinch of salt or grated ginger.

Avoid boiling liquid to preserve benefits from enzymes. Can reheat for 30-50 sec in microwave for warmer experience.

Keep frozen for up to 6 months (see sticker’s best before date) or defrost in the refrigerator & enjoy within 7-10 days.

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