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We are too busy for real food and often consume too many food-like products loaded with pro-inflammatory ingredients: refined sugars, oils, gums and preservatives!

Our goal is simple: to help you eat more gut-nourishing foods easily through one fermented oat mylk or amazake smoothie at a time.

Our promise: healthy ingredients, sustainable operations, and deliciously plant-based.


As a mother of two, I felt helpless and frustrated as I simply didn’t have enough time or energy to prepare nourishing foods for my family. I regularly found myself serving convenient, quick-fix foods that are loaded with prof-inflammatory ingredients like refined sugar or additives. To make it worse, my two boys became picky eaters who often reject fresh fruits and veggies, which made me give up and skip them myself as well. But is this the way to go?

I was determined to add more clean, wholesome, plant-based ingredients to our family’s routine and discovered the natural sweetness and fermented goodness of rice Koji—and Sveet was born!

Rich in probiotics and nutrients for the gut, rice Koji helps break down the organic compounds in food i.e. starches into simple sugars, making the mylk or smoothie naturally sweet and nutrients more bioavailable while releasing live probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids & B vitamins except B12. It also accentuates and balances the flavours of other plant-based ingredients, making it really refreshing, umami and creamy, as well as a great disguise for our picky eaters and a treat for everyone to enjoy.

Without the top allergens, including dairy, gluten, nuts or soy, and pro-inflammatory ingredients that are found in other milk or smoothies, every product we make is handcrafted in small batches using carefully selected, clean ingredients.

Say goodbye to junks and come join us on this convenient, gut-nourishing & tasty journey!


Made from clean plant-based ingredients that you can pronounce, we put every effort to choose the best, saying NO to the bad stuff – sugar, additives, gums, fillers, preservatives, harmful oils, stabilizers or artificial anything.


We care deeply about our environmental footprint and are committed to find ways to reduce our ecological impact. We are working to find better packaging options and reduce our carbon footprint whenever we can e.g. drive less, reuse water and reduce food waste. We hope we can offset our carbon emissions one day.


Without compromising the naturally sweet, umami taste, creamy and smooth texture, we strive to make wholesome, plant-based treats for all ages to enjoy! While we take precautions to keep our allergen-friendly ingredients separate, we cannot guarantee that our products are total allergen-free as we are starting small and working in a licensed commercial kitchen at the moment.  However, it is our goal to have our own facility so that we can declare allergen-free one day.

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